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Thursday 30th April


Great work yesterday writing the beginning of your myth adventures, the work I've seen so far has been fantastic smiley Today I would like you to write the middle of your story. Use the third and forth boxes on your myth planning sheet to help you. This will include; explaining the journey your hero goes on, which God’s they meet and any special objects they receive. Don't forget to look at your myth success criteria from yesterday, can you tick off a few more boxes today?



Please use the links below to watch the lesson video on Week 4 Lesson 1; ‘Add Fractions’ then complete the worksheet below. 


Joe Wicks – Live PE lessons are on from 9am each weekday, or go and play outside with your family. 



History - Can you create a timeline of important events in the Stone Age?

Read the PowerPoint to find out more information and then put the events on the cards in order from the oldest to the most recent. I have included two different packs of cards, you can choose pack number 1 which includes pictures to help you or pack number 2 which has more events for you to order. If you can't print don't worry you can just write/draw your own timeline on paper. Remember, you will need to look at the dates at the top to help you to put them in order. Since they are all BC (before Christ), the largest number will be oldest event and the smallest number will be the most recent. Which event do you think is the most interesting and why?