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Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 3! 

Today I will be hosting our first live lesson on google meets from 11:30am-12:30pm. Check out our Year 3 home learning page for information on how to log on, you will need to add our class code to access the class. I will log on just before and generate a 'meet link' that I will add to the wall, this will give you access to the meeting room. Try out your log in beforehand and then and if you are having any problems you will have time to rectify these. If you are having issues then please contact the school office, I will be teaching Year 6 in the morning so my email responses will be a little slow. Hopefully lots of you can attend the meeting and *fingers crossed* all of the technology works. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! smiley



Read Chapter 7 (the final chapter) of our story 'The Settlers' on Purple Mash and answer the online multiple choice questions. Afterwards, answer the open ended questions from the worksheet. Does the story end as you would expect or is there a twist in the tale?



We will be continuing to learn about capacity today in our live lesson at 11:30am. Please download the worksheet below before the lesson and have the questions either printed or available to look at. Please DO NOT complete the sheet before the lesson. We will spend the beginning of the lesson having a quick chat and catch up, then I will model some examples of todays maths work. Next we will do a few questions together and then I will let you complete the worksheet, meanwhile I will be available if you have any questions or need support. I have also added an extra optional worksheet with reasoning and problem solving questions if you would like more of a challenge.



Check out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


Computing - We are going to be using a new programme on Purple Mash called '2Calculate' to learn how to use spreadsheets. Check your 2Do's, first you will need to click on 'lesson' and choose 'lower key stage 2' and then try activity '1: Two Numbers test'. You will need to make a machine to test yourself at adding two digit numbers together. Watch the video first and then complete the activity. If you want to you can print the PDF instructions in case you forget.