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Thursday 2nd April


Today we are continuing to plan our own Greek myth adventure. So far you have planned your hero and mythical creature. Next, I would like you to think about the setting. Where is your story going to take place? Some ideas are; in a forest, on a ship, on a desert island, underwater, in a cave or on the beach. Or perhaps you have an idea of your own? You can be as creative as you like. It might help you to draw a picture, although you don't have to do this. I would like you to write a setting description explaining what you can see, hear, smell, touch and how you would feel in this place. Try to use a range of sentence openers, avoid saying 'I can see... I can hear...' etc. Below, I have attached a sheet of fronted adverbials you could use to start your sentences (the place adverbials are probably most useful). 



First complete the following questions, recapping previous learning.

Then watch the video 'Fractions of a set of objects (3)' on the link below and complete the worksheet. 

Remember the trick - divide by the bottom and times by the top. This sheet is quite challenging, you are using the strategies you have learnt so far about fractions to solve problems. It might help you to draw sharing circles, place value counters, bar models or Base 10 when working out the sums. You could even use real objects that you might have in the house e.g. Lego/sweets. 



Joe Wicks' Live PE lessons will be on youtube from 9am and they are available to access any time of the day.

Or perhaps you could create your own PE routine for you and your family to complete? 



RE - Log on to Purple Mash and check your '2Dos'. Watch the video about the Easter Story then write a letter to a friend explaining what has happened. Write the letter in first person, imagining that you were there.