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Thursday 2nd April

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Fun with Phonics

Have fun with      Resources / Pick a picture blending game.

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Enjoy sharing this Easter themed story:   Brenda's Boring Egg

(power point link at below)

Enjoy some of the home learning challenges linked to the story... below

Brend's Boring Egg Power Point Story


Can you crack the Easter code with this maths challenge?

Work out what the numbers should be by using the code pictures and work our your answers.

If you can not print off the maths sheet, just write your number sentence answers on a piece of paper.

Good luck!

(reduce the size of the document on the screen by using the - minus button so that you can see the whole page with the codes at the top).


Bunny hop challengesurprise

Ask your Mummy or Daddy or grown up helper to use their watch or their mobile phone to use the timer.

Now challenge yourself to see how many bunny hops you can do in 30 seconds. Try to do this several times. What was your best score? How many did you get up to?