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Thursday 25th June

Good morning Year 3 smiley



Please continue to read our story, 'The Settlers'. I have set Chapter 3 as a 2Do on Purple Mash, then answer the online multiple choice questions. Afterwards, write about your perfect pet. Your writing could be about a special animal that you know well or about a pet that you would like to have. You can write this on the Purple Mash 2Do or on paper.



Your work on measuring mass has been great, today we are moving on to comparing mass. This means thinking if an object is heavier or lighter than something else. Watch the short video using the link below then complete the worksheet.



Check out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


Science - Today you will be using a mirror to reflect light and thinking about how mirrors work. Read the PowerPoint to learn more about mirrors and then try the two mirrors games. Finally, see if you can make your own mirrors quiz. Maybe you could ask the quiz to your family or to your friend on the phone.