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Thursday 23rd April


Today I would like you to plan your own Greek myth adventure story. I was really impressed with the Greek heroes, creatures and settings that you created before the Easter holidays, please use these ideas in your plan. I have attached a planning sheet below to help you to structure your ideas. Remember a plan doesn't need lots of long sentences, it should just be notes and you could include pictures too. You can use some ideas from the myths you have read but please don't just copy them. Keep this plan safe as we will be using it next week to begin writing our myth.



Please use the links below to watch the video for ‘Equivalent Fractions (3)’ and then complete the worksheet.

If you would like an extra challenge then try the question below:



Joe Wicks' Live PE lessons will be on youtube from 9am and they are available to access any time of the day.

Or you could set up your own obstacle course in the garden.



Art - Did you know that people in the Stone Age created paintings in their caves? Have a look at some of the pictures on the PowerPoint. Can you create your own cave painting? You can choose if you would like to use the template on Purple Mash set on your 2Do's, paints, colouring pencils or whatever you have available at home. I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed art work! I would also like to send these to Miss Capewell so she can see how well you are all doing - I'm sure she'll be impressed smiley