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Thursday 23rd April


Rhyme Time 

Throughout the day, encourage your child to think about and play with rhyming words.  You will begin with the prompt

"I know a word and it rhymes with cat...

you wear it on your head it's called 


As your child becomes familiar with the ditty rhyme, they will start to insert their own suggestions for the missing word.

This can be used for all sorts of situations and with some children's names:  "I know a girl who is holding a dolly, she is in the book corner and her name is...Molly"

How many words can you say that might rhyme?

This is called a rhyming string; cat, fat, hat, mat, bat...

Some words are real - bat, hat...some words are nonsense (alien) words - lat, zat, dat




Can you complete the butterfly on purple mash using different shapes and patterns? What can you notice about the butterfly’s wings?  Think about what you learnt yesterday about the colours and the patterns on their wings. I will set this as a 2do on Purple Mash


Share the Easter story to your children, you may have a Children's First Bible at home or if not you can watch the 

BBC animated story of Easter on YouTube, please see link below.

Recall some of the special events that took place in the story. Have a little chat with your child about some of their own thoughts and feelings about the story.  Introduce the word:  Alleluia and tell your child that it means ‘Praise the Lord’.  Have a look at the Twinkl Powerpoint below, this gives you a simple explanation.  I have attached a colouring activity too smiley