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Thursday 23rd April

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Grammar / Writing

First of all, remember that we always need to use capital letters for names of people, places, days of the week and months of the year. Today we are going to practice our spelling, writing and use of capital letters! For your first task, I would like you to complete page 3 of the booklet I have attached to the bottom of this page. There are lots of other activities in there for you to practice whenever you like too! Then, for your second task, I would like you to make me a colourful poster to help us remember the days of the week and months of they year smiley You can decide how you would like to decorate and present it, but be careful with your spellings and don't forget your capital letters!


Maths - Making Equal Groups - Sharing

Today we are using the skills we learnt yesterday to help us to share objects into equal groups. To start you off, watch Lesson 3 on White Rose Home Learning. Just like yesterday, you should pause the video on every new example and have a go yourself! What do you think the answer is? How do you know?

Using practical resources (try and keep them the same thing e.g. lego bricks, sweets, cubes), I would like you to have a go at sharing them into different groups. For example, if you had 10 sweets and you were going to share them between 5 children, each child (group) would have 2 sweets each!

Try these examples:


  • You have 20 sweets. You need to share them between 5 children. Can you share them out so each child has the same amount?  How many would each child have?
  • A pizza has 16 slices. You need to share them out between 4 people. How many slices would each person have?
  • The Easter Bunny brought a family with 3 children 18 easter eggs. How many easter eggs does each child get?
  • There were 15 toys in a toy box. When they were shared out equally, each child got 5 toys. How many children are there?
  • And a challenge...   
  • Can you share 20 into 6 equal groups? What is the problem?

You don't need to write anything today, photos of you using your resources will be perfect!



Talk to your parents (or you could even give your grandparents a phone call!) and ask them what their favourite toy to play with when they were young was. I would like you to use the internet to research this toy and make a little display to tell me all about it! You could make a poster, you could use photographs, you could show me some older toys and some toys that you would play with now - the choice is yours smiley Have a think - what is similar and what is different about the toys from then and they toys from now? Do you think you would have liked playing with them?


St George's Day

Also, today is the saint day of St George, the patron saint of England! I have added a video to teach you all about the story of St George and the Dragon, as well as a "design your own dragon" activity to do smiley