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Thursday 18th June


Good morning Year 5!


As you know, today there will be no Google Classroom sessions, but I would like you to make the best of the resources below. Try to be as independent as possible, to give your parents a break!


Please note- we have not yet covered the maths lesson, which is planned for today, so we will begin on Friday by going through the answers together, rather than me putting them on the website.


Tasks for today: 


Maths- Reasoning with 3D shapes

English- Sun Reading Comprehension (Most people should complete the 2* sheets)

Spanish- Complete p.10-12- Food names in Spanish and Wordsearch. 

TTRS- 10 minutes 

PE: 5K Anyway


I will see you all on Friday


P.S. I am uploading the video of chapter 11 for Friday's English (in the 'Friday' tab, so if you get a chance, you could listen to that!)