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Thursday 18th June

Good morning! smiley



Super predictions yesterday for the end of the story, have a read of the final page below. Was your prediction accurate? Was it the ending that you expected? Or perhaps your ending is better! Afterwards, reflect back on the whole story, use the worksheet to share your likes, dislikes, puzzles and connections.



Great work yesterday on 2D shapes, today I would like you to think about 3D shapes. Check your 2Do's on Purple Mash, begin by playing the ‘3D shape Pairs Game’ and then try the ‘3D Shapes’ describing activity. On this activity you will need to choose 6 shapes to describe. Ask yourself; How many faces, edges and vertices (corners) does it have? Are the faces flat or curved? 



Check out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


DT - Can you make your own Stone Age house? Look back at the different types of houses we discussed previously and then choose the one that you liked the most. Or perhaps you could use the design that you created yourself and bring it to life. I have attached a few photographs to give you some ideas.