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Thursday 18.06

Story Time - Claude in the City by Alex T Smith

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Division can be sharing or grouping.  Today we are dividing by grouping in fives.  Use the Mathsframe Grouping activity online to explore dividing by 5 (create a division calculation, choose an object and then click the first number of the calculation to get that number of objects on the screen and drag the objects one at a time towards the number line).  

Then complete the dividing by 5 worksheets.



Using yesterday's story plan write your own adventure story about Claude and Sir Bobblysock.  Use your illustration of Claude to help you think of suitable descriptive language to include and try to vary how you begin sentences.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.  There is a link on the main Year 2 home learning page.



Remember that this week, or at the weekend, you will need to complete your suncatcher.  For today's lesson, use the PowerPoint to learn about the life and work of American artist Georgia O'Keefe.  Then draw or paint a picture copying her style.  You will need to get out in the garden to find a flower to sketch, focusing on the flower head and drawing this large enough to fill your paper (you will notice that there is very little white left around the outside of her paintings).  Try to make your sketch as detailed as possible by looking closely at the flower you are sketching.  Then add colour.

Alternatively you could take photographs of flowers you find instead of drawing them.  Zoom in on the flower head so that it fills the picture and you can see the detail inside the flower, just like O'Keffe does in her art work.