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Thursday 14th May

Morning all! Me and Ms Mair will be in school tomorrow morning getting ready for our possible return after half-term (whether I can actually wake up before Homes Under The Hammer starts is a different matter) so may be a little slow at replying to emails. We will be aiming to start our weekly phone calls tomorrow as well, so anticipate a phone call from an unknown number smiley Have a great day!



For today’s writing practise, I would like you to make a mind map about a character, tv show or film that you really love! You don’t have to write in full sentences, but I want you to take your time writing as many words to do with that person, show or film that you can think of in your best handwriting to make a brilliant poster!

For example, if you choose to do Harry Potter, you would write "Harry Potter" in the middle of the page, and then around it, write as many words to do with Harry Potter as you can e.g. Hedwig, Hermione, magic, wand, Snape etc. Of course you can add drawings and use lots of different colours to make your poster as beautiful as possible!


Maths - Fact Families

You have done lots of brilliant practise on addition this week and that is going to help you loads to do the opposite - subtraction! Remember that last week we saw the link between addition and subtraction. For example, 10 + 2 = 12 helps us to know that 12 - 2 = 10.

Today I would like you to watch the video on Week 4 Lesson 2 of White Rose Home Learning, before completing the worksheet. I would also encourage you to use lots of practical resources to help you - lay objects out and then physically take them away!


Art - Landscapes

This week, we are going to start to look at landscapes and cityscapes! To begin with, I would like you to read about a famous French artist called Claude Monet, who was famous for painting landscapes. We will especially be looking at the paintings Monet did of his garden - notice how they look a little bit messy if you look at them close up!

I would like you to sketch your own version of one of Monet's pictures of his garden, or even create a drawing of your own garden, although I have attached a template to help you if you would like! Then, I would like you to use your fingers to paint your picture, just like the style of Monet. You can use your fingers to add paint to the picture, and you might decide to use a cotton bud to add the smaller details like flowers laugh I'm very excited to see your artwork!