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Thursday 14th May


Today we are continuing to read our Stone Age story about Ug. Please read page 3, as well as looking back at pages 1 and 2 from yesterday. I would like you to describe the 3 characters so far: Ug, Dug and Dugs. Use the sheet below or you can draw your own outlines of the characters. Around the outside of the outline, you should write words which describe the character’s external characteristics (words that might be used to describe their appearance, interests, or talents, things that they do or the clothing they wear). On the inside of the outline, write words to describe internal characteristics (words to describe the personality as well as thoughts and feelings). Remember the pictures can help you as well as the writing. 



I hope you enjoyed making your clocks yesterday, they looked great smiley Use these to help you read and draw the time today to the nearest 5 minutes. Count the minute hand around in your clock in 5's to help you. Remember if the minute hand is on the right side it is past the hour and on the left side it is to the next hour. Read the PowerPoint first to remind you how to read the time, then look at the worksheets below and just complete page 1, you don't need to complete all of the sheets (unless you want to). Telling the time can be tricky at first so don't worry if you haven't got it just yet, practise makes perfect. If it's too tricky you can always go back and play the game from yesterday. You may find it easier to write the time digitally first e.g. 7:40, especially if you are struggling to understand 'to the hour'.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Science - Do you know what a Palaeontologist is? A scientist that studies fossils from millions of years ago to find out lots of interesting things. We are going to learn about Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter. Below there is a short video you can watch about the story of her life. Then log on to Purple Mash and check your 2Do's, read her story and then create a fact file using the online template or paper at home (you can choose). If you click on the words to the left of the online template, it will give you some sentence openers you can use. You can also add pictures from online or draw your own.