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Thursday 11th June


Today we will be continuing our work from yesterday. Did you know many Stone Age families were nomadic and would change where they lived depending on the season? For this session, you are going to imagine that you are a Stone Age estate agent and you have been given the job of selling a family’s home before they move on. Choose the property that you would most like to sell from the range of images explored yesterday. Draw a poster to persuade people to buy this home. Include emotive language, putting a positive spin on each feature of the property and showing consideration of the properties key selling points: location, condition, views, price, etc. Which property will I want to buy the most?



You will need a ruler for today’s activity. Complete the worksheet drawing and measuring lines accurately. Remember the small lines in between the centimeters are millimeters, 1cm = 10mm.



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Spanish - Hola! smiley Please watch the videos about naming classroom items and then complete the worksheet.

En mi estuche, tengo… = In my pencil case, I have…