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Thursday 10th December

Share the the film "Stick Man' and then discuss with your child the sequence of events.  This form of questioning is to to extend their language skills by encouraging them to engage in talk, understand what they heard (a story read to them)  or what they have observed (in this instance the film they have watched).  Here are some questions as an example to get your started...Can they tell you who he met first on his jog? What happened? What did the dog want to play? Can they remember what the weather was like on his jog?  Remember to prompt and give support to your child when needed. 
Watch "How to Count".  Talk to your child about what happened in the part where three counted the flapjacks.  Did he count them in the correct order?  Find some items to count in the correct order.  Carefully pointing at each item as they clearly say the object number.  Reminding them that three counted the flap jacks in the wrong order.  e.g. 1324.