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Thursday 02.07

It's Thursday so today is the day of our first live session!  I will be online using Google Classrooms between 9.30 am and 10.30 am.  You should have received an email address and login code yesterday to enable to you login for the session.  Don't worry if you do not have either a camera or microphone on your computer, you can still join in and you'll still be able to see me.  If your child feels happier not using the camera, that is also fine.  Please mute your child's microphone when you log in (this is done by hovering around the middle of the screen and clicking the microphone once you are in).  The main way we will be communicating will be by typing into a chat bar but don't worry as I will explain this at the start of the session.  I am used to the children's spelling so please don't worry about incorrect spellings but if you are available and want to help your child that is fine.  Please bear with me tomorrow as this is my first time using Google Classrooms! I am working with Year 1 pupils both before and after our session so won't be able to respond to emails during the morning.  If you have difficulties please contact the office.  Finally, your child will need their seeds (hopefully they have received some) in a pot to look at during the session and the science sheet below.  You will be planting the seeds after the session yourselves.



Complete the worksheet finding non-unit fractions.



I am sure that you have noticed that the bear in Leaf is a polar bear.  Today I want you to gather facts about polar bears, using the websites below, to use in a non-chronological report tomorrow.  You can write your facts using bullet points and writing in notes.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Predict what you think the seeds you have received might grow into.