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Thurs 7th Jan 2021


Watch the film footage of children having fun in the snow.


Discuss how it feels to be out in the winter weather.


Write down some of the children's ideas so that you can model the letter formation and discuss some of the letters you are using, Can your child tell you the letters used or even blend some of them together to read?



Show the children the picture of the little child.


What is the child wearing?


Encourage children to suggest good clothes to wear in the winter weather.


Children to label the clothes the child is wearing.


Support this activity by helping the children to read the labels and identify where they need to go on the picture.  If you can not access this work sheet, you can draw or cut out a similar picture from a magazine etc. and help your child to make their own labels.




Snowy Landscapes
Mrs Lakin reads Blue Penguin by Petr Horocek.


Re-cap the story Blue Penguin

What sort of land does the Blue Penguin live in? What type of weather would you find if you visited the Blue Penguin?


Look at a globe or map and find where the Blue Penguin lives in our world.


What colours can you see? Are they warm colours or cold colours?

Give examples of both.


Children to create their own picture of the landscape where the Blue Penguin lives. Can you include mountains, rivers, oceans, rocks, snow?


Use any media available:

White and blue chalk on black card or paper,

Different shades of blue (crayons, pencil crayons, felt pens, water colours, poster paints, collage materials) on card or paper.