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Thurs 4th March

Welcome to World Book Day!

The theme of today is linked to our current snuggle down and read...

'Jungle Book Nook'

The Pyjama Song

Books Are My Best Friends ♫

Rumble in the Jungle -

There's a rumble in the jungle, there's a whisper in the trees... enjoy these jungle rhymes together to start our activities today!

Now, can you remember some of the rhyming words in Rumble in the Jungle?


Talk about your favourite animal in the book.


Next, can you draw a picture of your favourite animal? You could try to write some descriptive words or sentences about it too e.g. what colour is it, where does it live and what noise does it make?

The Animal Boogie.

Music and movement. Can you do the actions to match the song?

11 am

Story time...

Tune into Google Classroom and follow the link

for a classic 'old favourite' story

 with some of your reception friends!

Here are a selection of activities linked to our story time for you to enjoy:

Colour and sequence these pictures re-telling the Elmer story.


Andy's Wild Adventures - Elephant Safari

Andy's Wild Adventures - Elephant Safari. Andy takes Kip on a Wild Adventure to see Elephants in Kenya.

Milk bottles at the ready to make your own Elmer!

2 pm

Live Story Time with Staffordshire Library Service

Top Tips for Today