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Thurs 4th Feb 2021

Good morning reception class! How are you today? Are you ready to learn?


Before we start, I would like to say a huge congratulations to you all because reception class have managed to read 50 books from Epic! Books for Kids!

This is fantastic news, well done!!heart Keep going!!



Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?


Go to Google Classroom/Reception/Class works to access your daily phonics lessons for your child's group, for home learning.


The reception key worker children, in school, will access the same phonics lessons, for their particular group, each day.


Have a go at making sentences with this activity.


Print off and cut out the cards and place one from each set on the Who, What Doing & Where spaces, in that order, on first page. 


Mix them up and see how many sentences you can make.


Now, let's write some of the sentences down.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)

Music and Movement - Dinosaur Stomp

Get Funky ♫ Funky Monkey Dance ♫

"Get Funky" Music and Movement!

Curriculum Vehicle /  Understanding the World

Let's learn about...


Inuit talking sticks and Inuk Shuks

Gather some stones or small rocks and try to build an Inuk Shuk in the shape of a person. You'll need to be good at balancing!!

Find a sturdy stick and some craft materials (ribbon, feathers, beads, stickers etc) to make an Inuit Talking Stick. You could try and use it in your family to take turns to speak.