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Thurs 14th Jan 2021

Talk about Tricky  Red words.

These are words used a lot that we have to learn and cannot be sounded out and blended like other words. Play film footage about Tricky Red words.

Say the tricky words together.

Help your child write the words down on paper/white board.

Encourage/help your child to think of a sentence with a tricky word in.

Model write a sentence to show your child.

Encourage your child to copy the sentence on their paper/whiteboard.

Some children may wish to have a go at writing their tricky word sentence.


Use this afternoon to try to spot some of our feathered friends that visit our garden in the winter. Look through your window or go for a little walk with your grown-up (as part of your daily exercise) and see what you can see.


Use the spotter sheet to help you. This will be good practise if you have signed up to

The Big Garden Bird Watch with the RSPB (29th - 31st January).

Bird Spotter Check List