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Thurs 07.01.21


Follow the Powerpoint.

Think again about the features of letter writing in preparation for planning (today) and writing (tomorrow) a thank you letter to Granny.  Read the end of the story 'Traction Man is Here' and find out how traction Man felt about his knitted, green romper suit by the end of the story.  

There is a separate sheet for planning the letter.



Continuing with division, today the children are grouping to divide.  This differs from the sharing completed yesterday in that they start with the total number of objects and draw groups around these.

Watch the video.  Today the first worksheet matches the activity described in the video.

There are challenge questions for those children who complete the main activity with ease.



Cosmic yoga, dinosaurs and dragons adventure.



Our new unit of work is world geography.  In this lesson, the children are thining about the hot and cold parts of the world in relation to the poles and the equator.  If your child had a globe at home, now is the time to get it out to help explain where the hot and cold parts of Earth are.

Watch the video and then complete the map, colouring the different climate zones (page 2 is an answer sheet).

English powerpoint

English Planning Format

Maths Activity

Maths Challenges