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Summer Curriculum Vehicle


Throughout the summer term, children in year 3 will be taught their foundation subjects through the curriculum vehicle the 'Savage Stone Age'.


During this vehicle, children will be exploring:

- Rocks and Light topics in science.

- Volcanoes, Skara Brae and Stonehenge.

- The Stone Age (with some links to the Iron Age and Bronze Age).

- Spreadsheets and developing their ability to touch type.

- Creating their own cave paintings and stone age houses.

- Performance music and learning about a famous composer.

- Spanish language, including school supplies and shapes. 


Week 10 - This week we learnt about famous volcanoes from around the world, how to stay safe in the sun and discovered what people ate in the Stone Age. (Home Learning)

Week 9 - This week we created our own imaginary animals inspired by music, discovered how stone age hunter-gatherers lived, found out how mirrors work and learnt to understand masculine and feminine words in Spanish. (Home Learning)

Week 8 - This week we have been learning about different types of volcanoes, designing and making stone age houses and investigating which surfaces reflect light. (Home Learning)

Week 7 - This week we have been locating the world's most famous volcanoes, finding out about Skara Brae, beginning our new science topic about light and learning how to say classroom items in Spanish. (Home Learning)

Week 6 - This week we have been designing our own Stone Age homes, using the printing technique to create cave paintings and listening to the famous composer Mason Bates. (Home Learning)

Week 5 - We learnt how volcanoes can affect people's lives and how soil is formed, also we made our own mini compost bins. (Home Learning)

Week 4 - We discovered what it was like to live in the Stone Age and learnt about Mary Anning and her contribution to palaeontology. (Home Learning)

Week 3 - Discovering how volcanoes and fossils are formed. (Home Learning)

Week 2 - This week the children have been busy finding out the properties of rocks and creating a time line of the stone age. (Home Learning)

Week 1 - The children produced models of the inside of planet earth, created posters about the stone age and drew their own cave paintings. (Home Learning)