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Star Pupils

Spring Term


Week 1


Well done to Ben and Ava! Ben has worked really hard to make the right choices this week and Ava has done some fantastic writing in our English lessons.

Autumn Term


Week 1


Well done to Rebecca and Brodie! I am very grateful for the lovely, positive attitudes shown by both pupils at the start of the new school year.


Week 2


Well done to Arthur and Paige! Arthur has been very thoughtful with his answers during lessons and shown great confidence in telling the whole school what we had been doing in class during the OneLife Music day in school. Paige has worked extremely hard in class and demonstrated a conscientious attitude at break times and lunchtimes.


Week 3


Congratulations Eva and Ashton! Eva has been extremely grateful and generous this week, always using her lovely manners wherever she is in the school. Ashton is always ready to help and we are very grateful for his assistance in doing lots of jobs around the classroom.


Week 4


What a lovely poem about being outside written by Sofia S in English today, earning her a very well deserved headteacher's award!



Week 6


Well done to Raife and Evelyn! Raife has worked very hard at his writing this week, using his phonics and spelling practice to help him do lots of great work on our class book "I Want My Hat Back" in his English lessons. Evelyn always has a great attitude to her learning, working hard in all lessons and always willing to ask for help if she needs it.


Week 7


Congratulations to Nicole and Jake! Mr Ferguson and Ms Mair are very pleased that Nicole has been making a brilliant effort to make sure she's always ready to learn and work hard in every lesson. Jake has been a pleasure to teach, always using lovely manners around school and approaching every task with a great attitude. 


Week 8


Well done to Leo and Pippa! Leo has continued his attentive and discerning attitude to his school work into the new half-term, which has shown in his brilliant presentation and high quality work.  Pippa has shown great attentiveness by helping to look after a new pupil and taking a great interest in our 1960s curriculum vehicle.