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Star Pupils

Week One


Well done to Irvin and Jessica. Irvin has been generous with his time and Jessica has shown that she is very grateful for the new school year! 


Week Two


Well done to Leila and Maddie. Leila has been inspired by what we are doing for our curriculum vehicle and made a survey at home and Maddie has been helping Mrs Conlin in the office. 

Week Three

Well done to Barnes and Ava! They both tried really hard in their English lessons and produced fabulous pieces of written work.


Week Four


Well done to Colette and Alex! Colette was chosen for her wonderful manners and Alex was chosen for being more focused in the classroom. 

Week Five

Well done to Sophie and Tilly who were both chosen for super effort with their work.

Week Six


Well done to Connie and Seb. Both produced their best writing so far this year! 

Week Seven

Imani and Lucas are this week's 'Star Pupils' for working really hard in class and producing some great pieces of writing. 

Week Eight


Well done to Sam and Caitlin who have been chosen for being attentive in class. They always give 100% to their work. 

Week Nine

Well done to Roberto and Louise for being 'attentive' with their work. They also take care over their work. 

Week 12


Congratulations to Zach and Olivia L, who have both produced excellent pieces of homework, and haave proudly presented their creations to the class. Keep up the good work!

Spring Term:


Week 1:



Week 2:

This week's stars are Barnes and Connie!

Barnes has been putting in a lot of effort in his work and really taking pride in the way he is working- especially in Maths. Well done Barnes, Keep up the good work!

Connie is being celebrated for her long-term effort in all she does. Connie is always attentive and conscientious  in the way she works, ensuring that every piece that is produced is to the highest standards. Connie is a fantastic role-model in the school. Well done Connie! Your effort is recognised and appreciated!


Week 3



Week 4:


Ava and Oliver are our stars this week!

Ollie has been working incredibly hard in Maths and has been compassionate and loving in his willingness to share his knowledge with other children. I have been really impressed by his giving attitude. Thank you Ollie!

Ava has also been impressing me, she has such a positive attitude, she always seeks the right thing to do, and is an excellent role-model to others in our class. She is like a ray of sunshine in our class and is a valuable asset to our overall well-being. 

Well done Ollie and Ava!