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Star Pupils

Autumn 2 Winners


Week 1

Excellent work to Caleb and Malcolm for showing that they are attentive and decerning. Caleb has particularlly stood out in our science lessons showing his brilliant knowledge of plants. Malcolm has stood out for his excellent attitude to learning. 


Autumn 1 Winners


Week 1

Well done to Lily and Harry P who showed generosity with their time when helping to tidy up after PE. As well as always having lovely manners and being helpful to others.

Week 2

Congratulations James and Elizabeth B. James has beautiful manners and always listens carefully to instructions and Elizabeth B has been participating brilliantly in lessons as well as during our whole school 'One Life Music' day, completing drama in front of the whole school!

Week 3

Well done to Isaac and Elizabeth M this week. Isaac gave his time generously to help others during maths and Elizabeth is always thoughtful and works hard in every lesson.

Week 4

Fantastic work Esme and Amy, who always listen brilliantly, they have stood out for their excellent effort in all lessons. 

Week 5

Excellent work to Ronnie and Emanuella who have been standing out to all of the teachers this week. You have both made a special effort to answer questions in lessons and listen carefully. 

Week 6

Super work Joseph for being a brilliant book worm and setting an excellent example to others. Also excellent effort to Amy who has been working hard in all lessons and showing excellent listening skills. 

Week 7

Well done to Harry LN and Daniel who always show that they are grateful with their beautiful manners.

Week 8

Congratulations to Maria who has been working very hard in all her lessons. I am also very grateful to Fearne, who was very brave, standing in at the last minute and helping to read a prayer at mass.