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Star Pupils

Summer 2 Winners


Week 1 - Well done Emmanuella, you have been working really hard at school these past few weeks. Keep up your excellent determination!

Week 2 - Congratulations to MaryJane this week who has been working incredibly hard at home. The work you have sent me has been to a brilliant standard and very detailed. Keep up the good work!

Week 3 - I am very impressed with Harry LN, who has been working hard not just this week but all the way through lockdown. Thank you for all of the brilliant work, pictures and messages I have received.

Week 4 - Well done to Daniel. He has been working very hard at home with his brother completing home learning activities. I have been impressed with the quality of his work and the excelllent effort shown.

Week 5 - This week I have chosen Amy, she has been working very hard at home and in our key workers bubble at school. She has even been completing extra activities at home like performing dancing and making honey, great work!



Summer 1 Winners


Week 1 - I would like to congratulate Malcolm, who is this weeks star in our home learning 'Hall of Fame'. He has been working brilliantly at home completing all of the work set as well as some extra challenges! I was particularly impressed with his stone age cave painting - well done!

Week 2 - Congratulations to Dominik who has been working really hard to complete his home learning activities. His always presents his work beautifully and puts a lot of effort into everything he does.

Week 3 - Brilliant home learning this week from Elizabeth M and Sophia. They have been working really hard together and their mummy and I have been very impressed!

Week 4 - Well done to Elizabeth B this week! All of the home learning activities she has completed have been brilliant and to an excellent standard. I'm also enjoying seeing her lovely smiley face in all of the photographs.

Week 5 - A big well done to Esme, all of the work you have submitted has been brilliant quality and presented beautifully. I also enjoy reading your lovely email messages. Keep up the good work!

Spring 2 Winners


Week 1 - I would like to congratulate all of the class for their brilliant efforts on the first week back this term, keep up the good work!

Week 2 - Isaac and Luke were chosen this week. Isaac is a joy to have in class, he always participates in class discussions and puts 100% effort into all of his work. Luke has made a brilliant start to this term, showing an excellent attitude to his learning and sharing his mind-blowing historical facts with the class. Super work boys!

Week 3 - Congratulations to James and Lily. Both children have been spotted for their mature and sensible attitude in the classroom, always being ready to learn and sharing their brilliant ideas with the class. 

Week 4 - Well done to Mia and Jacob L. You both have an excellent attitude to learning, listen carefully and always put in 100% effort. Keep up the good work!

Week 5 - Excellent work to all of Year 3 for their brilliant home learning this week!

Week 6 - I would like to congratulate Jacob L and Jacob F for being the first people in our home learning 'Hall of Fame'. Thank you for the excellent work you have submitted. I was particularly impressed with the super similes you both used to describe your mythical creatures!


Spring 1 Winners


Week 1

I am very pleased with Thomas' start back to school this week. It is clear that he has practised his times tables during the holidays and has come into school with a super attitude, ready to learn, well done! Emmanuella has been showing our school values of being compassionate and loving. She is always happy to help, is a great friend and does everything with a big smile on her face. 

Week 2

Daniel has impressed me all year with his beautiful manners and helpful attitude. Jake has impressed me with his kindness and compassion towards others. Excellent work boys!

A special mention to Jake for donating his pocket money to help stop the wildfires in Australia.

Week 3

This week I have chosen Isaac for his amazing effort in every lesson and Esme for always being compassionate and loving to others, she is a great example of our catholic virtues in action!

Week 4

This week I have chosen Caleb for his excellent knowledge and super science work! Also, I have chosen Julia for always putting 100% effort into everything she does.

Week 5

Excellent effort to James and Orla. They have been awarded star pupils this week due to their hard work in all of their lessons. In addition, they have shown our values of being loving and compassionate to others!

Week 6

Congratulations to Elizabeth M who was awarded star pupil for her growing confidence and lovely manners. Also to Emmanuella, for her excellent attitude to learning and her friendly and helpful manner.

A special mention to Harry LN who has raised £40 for Mary's Meals in a sponsored bike ride.

Autumn 2 Winners


Week 1

Excellent work to Caleb and Malcolm for showing that they are attentive and decerning. Caleb has particularlly stood out in our science lessons showing his brilliant knowledge of plants. Malcolm has stood out for his excellent attitude to learning. 

Week 2

Julia and Jacob L were chosen this week for always being attentive and showing excellent listening in class. This has shown in the great progress they are making in lessons.

Week 3

I have chosen Ben this week for his excellent progress in times tables, he has been very attentive in his intervention with Mrs. Bundy. Also, I have chosen Mia for her excellent attitude to learning in all lessons. 

Week 4

Fantastic effort to Dominik and Jacob F. Dominik has really impressed me with his knowledge this week and Jacob has a great attitude to learning.

Week 5

This week I have chosen Milly for her excellent perseverance and Scott for his brilliant progress in precision teaching, learning his spellings correctly. 



Autumn 1 Winners


Week 1

Well done to Lily and Harry P who showed generosity with their time when helping to tidy up after PE. As well as always having lovely manners and being helpful to others.

Week 2

Congratulations James and Elizabeth B. James has beautiful manners and always listens carefully to instructions and Elizabeth B has been participating brilliantly in lessons as well as during our whole school 'One Life Music' day, completing drama in front of the whole school!

Week 3

Well done to Isaac and Elizabeth M this week. Isaac gave his time generously to help others during maths and Elizabeth is always thoughtful and works hard in every lesson.

Week 4

Fantastic work Esme and Amy, who always listen brilliantly, they have stood out for their excellent effort in all lessons. 

Week 5

Excellent work to Ronnie and Emanuella who have been standing out to all of the teachers this week. You have both made a special effort to answer questions in lessons and listen carefully. 

Week 6

Super work Joseph for being a brilliant book worm and setting an excellent example to others. Also excellent effort to Amy who has been working hard in all lessons and showing excellent listening skills. 

Week 7

Well done to Harry LN and Daniel who always show that they are grateful with their beautiful manners.

Week 8

Congratulations to Maria who has been working very hard in all her lessons. I am also very grateful to Fearne, who was very brave, standing in at the last minute and helping to read a prayer at mass.