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Spring Vehicle

Week 1 - We had a wonderful afternoon sharing our learning about the class faith - Sikhism - when some of our family came in to class

Week 2 - We have been busy investigating how sounds are made. Sound is made by something vibrating such as the skin of a drum when it is tapped.

Week 3 - Our visit to Stafford Gatehouse Theatre and Stafford Town Trail

We had a fantastic day learning about how a musical production goes from and idea to final show. This includes choosing a production, costume design, stage design, lighting and all the way to the Box Office!

In the afternoon we explored the town - How many things did you see which you've walked past before and never noticed?

Week 4 - We have been using an animation tool to make images appear to move. Did you know it needs 24 images to make a second of animation? How many images to make a minutes worth of animation?

Week 5 - This week we have been joined by composer, Richard, and Sarah (a performer from Manchester Camerata) to write a song ready to perform at the County Showground

Week 6 - In science, we investigated the best material to use to make ear protectors.

Week 7 - We have been using fraction discs to help us add fractions together.

Week 8 - Our performance with members of Manchester Camerata

Week 9 - We learned a huge amount about Tudor life when we visited The Ancient High House

Week 10 - Year 4 celebrate their class Saint's Day, St Joseph. The children made lillies and dressed the St Joseph's altar before saying thank you prayers.