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Spring Term Vehicle

Week 1

This week in geography we found where the UK is on a globe, on maps and in atlases.  We learnt that the UK is in the continent Europe.

In science we identified which materials different objects are made from.

We have also been learning about our class faith, Islam, throughout the week.  This culminated in the art activity about the Five Pillars of Islam that many of you joined us for on Friday.  Many thanks to those who were able to attend.

Multi-Cultural Week Family Learning Activity.

Week 2

This week in science we explored why objects are made from particular materials and why these materials are suited to their job.

In history we thought about how people might have travelled in the past and how and why this might have changed over time.  We planned questionnaires to ask members of our families.

We explored animating using the I Can Animate app on the I-pads in preparation for the final outcome of this term's learning vehicle, our own Superhero animations!


Week 3

In geography this week we learnt about the 7 continents and 5 oceans in our world.

In science we continued to think about the suitability of different materials.

In art we made printing blocks with our own Superhero inspired designs on.


Week 4

This week in history we learnt about the history of flight; from hot air balloons through the first flight to the first space shuttle launch.

In D&T we designed our own kites thinking carefully about suitable materials to use.


Week 5

In art we printed using the Superhero themed printing blocks that we designed and made ourselves.

In geography we learnt about the Equator and where the hot and cold parts of our world are.

In science we learnt about Charles Mackintosh and how he invented the raincoat.


Week 6

In art we created symmetrically patterned kites.

In history we learnt about the Wright brothers and the world's first flight.


Week 7

In geography we identified which continent China is in and learnt more about China and its capital city Beijing.


Week 8

In history we looked at different sources linked to the Wright brother's first flight and thought about how good these sources are for telling us about historical events.

In science we looked at a range of materials and how easy it is to change their shape.