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Spring Term Vehicle

For our curriculum vehicle this term we are looking at the Paralympics! To prepare for hosting our own Saint Anne's Paralympic Games, we will be doing lots of fun activities including designing medals for the winners, creating artwork to advertise the games and learning about different parts of the body, trying out lots of different inclusive sports and learning to celebrate differences.

Week 1


This week, we have learnt about the different parts of the human body (with a little help from Usain Bolt!) in Science, created a piece of Olympics artwork influenced by Howard Hodgkin (one of the artists featured in the London 2012 games) and worked together to make a timeline of the modern Olympic and Paralympic games.


Week 2


This week, we have designed some brilliant logos for our St Anne's Paralympic Games, learnt how different parts of our bodies help us to play different sports, learnt the importance of healthy eating and identified London and Tokyo on a map of the world!