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Spring Curriculum Vehicle

Throughout the spring term, children in year 3 will be taught their foundation subjects through the curriculum vehicle 'Our Marvellous Museum'. At the end of the term we will be creating our own pop-up museum in school and inviting our families along to see our exhibitions!


During this vehicle, children will be exploring:

- Forces, magnets and famous scientists

- Map work, boundaries, grid references, keys and symbols on a map and compass points in geography

- The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

- Ancient Greece, studying Greek life, achievements and their influence on the western world

- Searching the internet effectively, adding images using copyright rules, using PowerPoint and coding

- Studying and creating Roman mosaics and Greek art work and pottery

- Performance music, composing a film score for a Roman soldier film and learning the recorder

- Spanish language, including directions, weather, animals, days of the week and months of the year.

Week 1 - Researching Italy and decorating Roman mosaic art work

Week 2 - Investigating friction and learning about the Roman army

Week 3 - Investigating magnetic and non-magnetic items

Week 4 - Writing a letter as a Roman soldier and learning the names of animals in Spanish

Week 5 - Composing and performing music to accompany a film about Roman soldiers

Week 6 - Creating Roman Mosaic Artwork

Week 7 - Creating magnetic games

Week 8 - Greek Theme Day

Week 9 - Exploring the physical and human geography of Greece

Week 10 - Learning about famous scientists

Week 11 - Printing patterns for a Greek pot

Week 12 - Creating a fact file about Marie Curie (Home Learning)

Week 13 - Reading aerial photographs and maps (Home Learning)