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Spring 1 Vehicle

This half term our new curriculum is "Our Enchanted Winter".  We have some super exciting activities and learning planned to help us learn about the weather changes during the Winter season.  We will also be exploring the Arctic and the animals that live there.  

Here's a little sneak peep at our igloo...  wink


Week Commencing 6th January 2020

We explored the animals that live in the Arctic and also learnt that Eskimos live there too...we helped Mrs Little and Miss Cummins to build an igloo for our classroom.

We shared the story "One Snowy Night" by the Author Nick Butterworth. We explored a different variety of animals and how they keep warm in the winter.  We now have our own Percy the Park Keeper's Hut in our classroom, where we can look after the animals, keep them warm and make them something to eat.


W/B Monday 13th January 2020

In Nursery this week we made invitations for our "Enchanted Ball" on Thursday 13th February.  We then walked down to the post box in Weeping Cross and posted them in the letter box. We are so excited for our families to receive the invitations!!!


W/B Monday 20th January 2020

In Nursery we were learning about all of the animals that live in the Arctic.  Our favourite one was the polar bear.  They have something called "blubber" under their white fur to keep them warm in the icey cold weather...