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Last week you began an investigation into the effects of drinks on teeth by using egg shells to represent teeth. Now look at what has happened to the egg shells. How have they changed. Think about their colour, shape and texture. Draw and write your observations on your recording sheet you started last week. Look back at your prediction - were you correct? Can you explain what the investigation tells you about the effect of different drinks on teeth. Which are the most healthy drinks to have and why do you think that is?

In addition to this, look at the drinks you have at home. If you look on the ingredients label on the bottle look at how much sugar is contained in the drink. What does that tell you about keeping your teeth healthy?


Now we know what effects sugars can have on our teeth, how can we protect them? Look at the 'eggsperiment' below. Follow the instructions on the sheet to find out why it is so important to clean your teeth regularly.

A toothpaste 'egg-speriment'.