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Reading is an important part of daily life. During the school day we will have many opportunities to share in a range of texts across all of our lessons.


Reading in class

Within our English work will will study books in more depth which will give opportunity to improve writing, and children will take part in guided reading sessions several times a week where we will explore text extracts in more detail. In addition to this, children will have the opportunity to listen to a class text.

While there is a lot of reading going on in the classroom, it is important that children are reading at home too.


Reading at home

Please support your child and read regularly at home. Children should be reading for 15 minutes at least four times a week and be ready to change their school reading book at least twice a week.


Children will also have the opportunity to borrow a class library book. Library books can be changed on a Thursday and should be returned on a Monday (to be quarantined).

For further ideas of age appropriate books to share at home, please see the documents at the bottom of this page.


English texts

In English lessons, we are currently studying One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul




Our class reading text

We enjoy listening to stories in class too. For pleasure, we are currently reading The Firework Makers Daughter by Philip Pullman.