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A member of staff will read with your child individually at least once a fortnight, in addition to guided reading activities four times a week. We also enjoy reading a class story at the end of each day as well as many texts as part of our English lessons. 


Pupils will have the opportunity to take home a class library book on Thursday evenings to be returned to school by Monday. In addition, pupils will take home their reading scheme book which they can change any week day. Pupils should be reading at home, if possible, every night and recording this in their reading record. If you feel that your child is not on the correct level please speak to the class teacher. Please be aware that when the class teacher is assessing the correct book level for your child, they will be looking for understanding of the text as well as fluency of reading. 


Studies have shown that independent reading for just 15 minutes a day can expose students to more than a million words of text in a year! 

Books we have enjoyed reading in Year 3 so far: