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Monday 7th December


In Nursery we always start our day off with our morning prayer time, which I feel is most important especially during this time.  At the beginning of September, copies of our nursery class prayers were sent home in book bags.  Your children love to say our school prayers each day, so try to encourage them to do so during the next few weeks.  We are currently learning about the importance of Advent and its meaning.  The children have been learning that we are getting ready for the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  Discuss with your child how we would get ready for different things, for example, getting ready for school, what order do we put our uniform on.  When they put their clothes on day discuss the order they put them on, encouraging independence as much as possible with dressing themselves.





Share the story "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson with your child.  If you do not have the book at home I have attached a link of the story being read aloud for you child to watch.  Encourage your child to join in with repeated refrains and rhyming sounds.  Discuss how Stickman was feeling when he was lost. Question...Why does he say "I must get home to my family tree". How do you think his family felt when Stick Man was lost? Also talk about being found.  Has your child ever lost anything that was important to them...a toy? How did they feel when they found it? Think about the initial letter sound in the word Stick Man, can they hear what that sound is. Then explore the letter 's', sounds or pictures that from the story (Santa, snowman, Stick Lady, snow, scarf).


Julia Donaldson | Stickman

Julia Donaldson Playlist: man lives in the family tree, with his stick lady lov...


Counting:  If possible collect a selection of twigs, leaves etc from the garden.  These can then be used for a variety of counting or size ordering activities. If you haven't got access to these, you can alway use pegs, cereal, dried pasta to practise counting and sorting skills. 

Encourage your child to watch Number Blocks on CBeebies, this is fun way for them to learn to recognise and understand the concept of numbers.