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Monday 4th May

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a brilliant weekend and are refreshed ready for another week of homeschooling (joy of joys)! Just a quick message to say that, as I'm sure most of you have seen, I am leaving at the end of this school year - but it's not goodbye just yet! Rest assured, I'm completely committed, as always, to doing the best job I can for your amazing kids. Hopefully we'll be back at school very soon to see each other again, but until then, have a great week! Mr Fergusonsmiley 


For today's English activity, I would like you to create a hero! They could be a Superhero, a Knight, a Princess or even an NHS worker - whoever you would like. I would like you to draw a picture of your hero and give them a name. Then, I would like you to write a few short sentences to describe your character. There's lots you can tell me about them! what do they look like? What do they act like? Where do they come from? What are their powers? Do they have any enemies? Can they dance better than Mr Ferguson?

Don’t forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces! Show me your best presentation and I will put some examples up on our class page! smiley



Choose one of your favourite books and read it with your parents - they can read to you or you can read to them, you choose! Remember to ask and answer lots of questions to make sure you understand what you are reading!


Maths - Using Symbols (Multiplication)

Watch Lesson 3 of Week 2 on White Rose Home Learning - as usual, it's a great idea to pause the video on each example to have a go and discuss it with your parents! This is a brilliant way to make sure you become an expert cool If we cut a cake into quarters, can you remember how many equal parts there would be? It's just the same for finding a quarter of objects - you need to share them into 4 equal groups! You might want to practise this with some objects at home first - then, I have given you a worksheet to test what you have learnt smiley

(Summer Term Week 2 > Lesson 3)



Because I'm sure you're all not already making loads of noise while your parents are trying to work (yeah right wink), I have attached a link to a daily singing lesson provided by the Diocese of Leeds! The video has lots of fun vocal warm-ups and curriculum activities for Year 1s, as well as being a nice chance to do your weekly worship!



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!