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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning to you all!!! Thank you for keeping in touch last week, we really look forward to receiving your emails and photograph, sharing your home learning activities. We managed to speak to most of you last week on the phone, which was lovely smiley If you have not been contacted yet, please don't worry we will keep trying to get hold of you!heart  We hope you have had a lovely rested weekend and are ready for this weeks home learning activities.

Lots of love Mrs Little and Miss Cummins xx


Joe Wickes is available daily on You tube and I have seen that his wife is helping him this week as he's been poorly!!



Carrying on this week with the mini beast theme. We will be looking at spiders.

Recite rhyme – Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a Tuffet (what’s a tuffet?) Watch animated nursery rhyme. Can you hear the rhyming words in this song? Discuss with your children rhyming sounds, what does it mean when two words rhyme? (They sound the same.)  How did Miss Muffet feel? How did the spider feel? Was he really a bad spider? Why did he sit besides her?


Have a look at the Incey Wincey Spider rhyme attached.  You could make up new rhyming couplets for the tings that your spider does, e.g.

Incey Wincey Spider climbs up the Nursery wall,

Be careful little spider, we don’t want you to fall!



Positional language:  Children to identify where little Miss Muffet and the spider were sat?  

Ask Children:  Recap on the rhyme and ask your child where was Miss Muffet sat and where did the spider sit? 

Then look at Incey Wincey spider at discuss the positional language.  

Ask your child to choose their favourite toy, then using prepositions, ask them to place it in different places.  For example, Can you place your favourite toy on the table? Can you place your favourite toy under the table? Can you place your favourite toy besides the table?



Looking at spiders – what do we know about spiders? They have 8 legs, they are not insects they are arachnids, they eat small insects like flies etc.  Ask your children if they like spiders? Are spiders good guys or bad guys? Have a look at some photographs of spiders (if you can!!wink)

Can you paint or draw a spider with the correct number of legs?