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Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March 2020

 Fun with Phonics

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Flashcard Speed trials

Work through the phases and at the end of each phase it will show you where your child needs more practise.

(It is important to regularly practise all the phonic sounds. If not practised, children can, overtime, forget).



Chester Zoo Live Stream.  Did you manage to watch it?

If not, check out for zoo information and Chester Zoo Live Stream YouTube for amusing and informative clips of some of the animals.

Activity:  Draw a picture and write about your favourite Chester Zoo animal

(e.g. what is it called? How big is it? How many legs does it have? Does it have fur or feathers?)  


Please support your child with their writing but encourage him/her to write independently, as much as possible, initially. Remind them to say the words they wish to write down (out loud) and try to hear which letters they will need to use. Remember, when they work independently, don’t worry if they are not spelling all the words correctly. At this stage, it is important that they are ‘having a go’ and are using their phonic knowledge to help them write words and construct little sentences. Talk to your child about finger spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Encourage them to use the correct letter shape (pre-cursive) and check how they are holding the pencil. Pinch /crocodile grip the pencil between the thumb and first finger. The other fingers should be tucked behind for support. No pens for writing please.



Take a look at the power point to learn about 3D shape (at the foot of the page)


Go on a 3d shape hunt around your house.

What 3d shapes can you find?

See if you can find a sphere, a cube and a cuboid.

Can you find any other 3d shapes?

What are they called?


Understanding the World

Look at the power point to learn about the life cycle of a hen/chicken  (at the foot of the page)

Then watch this youtube clip:

 Purple Mash To Do  ( Art -2 paint) be creative again and try to create your own virtual picture of a hen/chick with some eggs.



Go Noodle - Chicken Dance


Joe Wicks - live P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am.

Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!


We would love to see how busy you have been with your home learning. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, we can’t wait to see them!


Mrs. Lakin and Mrs. Allcock