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Monday 30.3

This Week's Gospel


This week pupils will be learning about length.  Today they are measuring and drawing lines to the nearest centimetre using a ruler.  We have made a short video for you that may help (apologies for the middle of the video when Oliver loses his trail of thought.  When he shows you what to do what he was trying to say becomes clearer!)  If you have a ruler, have it to hand when you watch the video.  For anyone without a ruler at home, you will need to adapt this work.  If you find something of uniform size (E.g. Lego bricks of pasta shapes) your child could count how many of these equal the length.  If you are unable to print the work you may also need to adapt the activity and draw your own lines to measure.



Plastics and the Environment comprehension questions.  The answers are after the activity.



Join in with the Joe Wicks PE lesson.



Log in to Purple Mash and play the Air Traffic Control game.  This is set as a 2do for you so you can find it more easily by simply clicking 2dos.  If your child does not have their Purple Mash login please email me and I can provide this.



Still image for this video