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Monday 29.06

Welcome back to another week of home learning Year 2.  This week we have something very exciting happening on Thursday, we will be having a live lesson together!  I really hope you will all be able to join me for the session (unless you are already in school).  I am so excited to finally see you all again!



Complete the arithmetic practice paper.  These questions are a similar style to the arithmetic part of the SATs.  The children do not have to calculate all of the answers mentally and can record their working out on the same or a different piece of paper.  If there is a particular type of question that your child finds difficult  (E.g. finding fractions or subtracting a larger number of ones from a smaller number of ones) let me know and I can incorporate further practice into the final two weeks of learning.    



Explore the text and illustration from the picture book Leaf.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Use the PowerPoint to find out more about the artist Vincent Van Gogh.  Then complete the sunflower art activity.  If you do not have pastels you can use pencil crayons, try using a mixture of oranges and yellows for the petals and browns for the centre.