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Monday 27th April

What the Ladybird Heard read by Mrs Little

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Please continue with our morning school prayer.  There is also the Collective Workship section where you can encourage the children to sing along to the songs.heart


Please see attached video on What The Ladybird Heard...apologies in advance for my recording skills!!! wink Talk to your child about a visit that they may have had to the farm…What do they already know about farms and farm animals.  Can they name some?  Can they make the sounds that the farm animals make?


Counting:  Can you count how many animals are in the story?. Ask Children to look through the story again with you and count how many different animals there are.  Can they draw a picture of each of the animals and have a try at writing the total number of animals altogether in the story>


Can you draw a picture of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len to make a "Wanted" poster?  Explain what a "Wanted" poster is - a picture of the robbers, that will be shown to people so that the robbers can be caught. 


PE and Outdoor Activities

I have included a link to Cosmic Kids.  Joe Wickes live PE lessons are available on You Tube each weekday from 9 a.m.  If the weather is nice try and get outside into the fresh air.