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Monday 27th April

Well done and thank you for all of the home learning activities and pictures I received last week. You and your families are doing a brilliant job! Just to let you know, I have been updating our class webpage with the lovely pictures you have been sending in, so head over and take a look at what your school friends have been up to! Also, I will be trying to ring you all this week to have a quick catch up, I'll look forward to hearing how you are getting on at home smiley



Use the PowerPoint to find out this week’s spellings, they all have a short /u/ sound but are spelt with an 'o'. 

Try out some of these exciting ideas from Mrs Bundy to help you to practise this weeks spellings:

  • Write the words in bubble writing.
  • Write the vowels in red and consonants in blue.
  • Write each word and find a word that rhymes with it.
  • Write one of your spelling words as an acrostic poem.
  • Make up a song with the letters of the words.


Also, you can listen to the story of 'Apollo and Daphne', a Greek myth, I have recorded for you below.

Which is your favourite Greek myth we have read so far?

Apollo and Daphne

Still image for this video


Please use the links below to watch the video for 'Comparing Fractions' - Week 3, Lesson 3. Then complete the worksheet.



Joe Wicks – Live PE lessons are on from 9am each weekday, or perhaps have a ride on your bike/scooter.



RE - Miss Ridge has sent you some work to learn about the road to Emmaus. Please read through the PowerPoint and then write a recount of the events that took place. The worksheet below will give you some ideas and useful words that you may want to use. I have also added a video version of the story below that you might like to watch. As an alternative (if you don't fancy too much writing - who can blame you in this nice weather) perhaps you could act out the story for your family.


Also, please note that there is a new 'Collective Worship' page on the website, under 'Children'. Here you can find the Weekly Gospel and sing along with Dan and Emily from One Life Music.