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Monday 27.4

Story time - Claude Adventures by Alex T Smith

Still image for this video


Complete the worksheet solving two step word problems (these need 2 calculations to answer them).



Complete last week's spelling test if you did not do this on Friday.

Use the worksheet to practise your handwriting and this week's spellings together.

If your child needs further handwriting practice please use the additional handwriting sheet to practise each letter.  I have also included a video that will help those children requiring extra practise at using the correct pencil grip.



Have another go at the Fit For Sport Activity Challenge.  Have your scores improved from last week?

OR join in with Joe Wick's PE lesson.



Watch the Bitesize clip about the four countries in the UK.

Complete the worksheet naming the four countries and the surrounding seas (naming the counties can be completed digitally on the Bitesize website if you prefer).  I have included a map of the United Kingdom if needed or to check answers.

For an extra challenge, can you add a label showing where the capital city of each country in the UK is?