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Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 3 smiley I hope you all had a lovely weekend!



Read the PowerPoint to discover this week’s spelling words, they all end in ‘ture’. Cut out the loop cards and match up the clue to the correct spelling words. Can you complete the loop to end up where you started? As a challenge task; Can you put one of this week’s spellings into a sentence with direct speech?



This week we are beginning a new unit on mass. What is mass? Watch the video, using the link below, to find out. Then practise measuring mass using the game. If you have some scales at home you could practise measuring some items you can find around the house (using grams and kilograms) or you could try out the online scales using the link.



Check out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


Music - We are continuing to learn about the composer Mason Bates, follow the instructions on the PowerPoint to create your own imaginary animal inspired by the music.