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Monday 20th April

Welcome back Year 3! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate lots of chocolate eggs (I know I did). We are now in the summer term, our new curriculum vehicle is the 'Savage Stone Age'. I'll now have access to my emails again so it will be lovely to hear from you all in the next few days. 



Please use the PowerPoint below to learn this week’s spellings. These are all words ending in ‘-ary’. Then complete the ‘Which word where?’ activity. I have also attached a spelling word search if you wish to further practise your spellings. If you would like a list of all of this half terms spelling words, please see the Year 3 class web page. 



In maths we are still working on fractions, but this week we are focusing on equivalent fractions. Equivalent means the same.

For example if you have 1/2 of a pizza and your friend has 2/4 of a pizza, you would both have the same amount. Remember, the numerator (top number) shows the amount of parts you have and the denominator (bottom number) shows the amount of parts altogether.


As this is a new concept, today will just be about developing your understanding, so don't worry about producing any written work. Below I have included a video for you to watch to explain equivalent fractions further, it can also be found on Espresso - Key Stage 2 - Maths - Fractions (Lower) - Equivalent Fractions. Next, play the equivalent fractions game using the link below, which level can you get up to?

You may also want to practise using pizzas, tortilla wraps, Lego or any other practical resources you have.




Joe Wicks' Live PE lessons will be on youtube from 9am and they are available to access any time of the day.

Or perhaps you could create your own dance routine?



History - Please use the Horrible Histories video link to introduce our new Stone Age topic. (Warning – gruesome content!) Also, read the information on the PowerPoint to learn more about the Stone Age.

I would then like you to create a poster showing facts about the Stone Age, you can also draw pictures if you wish. Include any facts that you may already know and questions of things that you would like to find out more about.