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Monday 20th April

Simple Sentence Power Point

Fun with Phonics:

Phonics Bloom Flash Cards


Work through the Simple Sentence Power Point with your child. Then:

1. Look at the pictures and encourage your child to tell you what is happening in the picture in a simple full sentence.   

2. Help your child to write down that sentence.  Let them try on their own at first, encouraging them to use their phonic knowledge to try to work out the letters/sounds they will need. Finally, show them what the sentence should look like. Let them watch you write it then they can copy.



Practise correct number formation 0 to 20 then

Caterpillar ordering numbers from 1 to 20



Share an age appropriate version of the Easter story that you may have at home or watch

BBC animated story of Easter on YouTube

Recall some of the special events that took place in the story. Explore with your child some of their own thoughts and feelings about the story.  Introduce the word:  Alleluia and tell your child that it means ‘Praise the Lord’.

(Please use the link 'Weekly Music & Worship' and meet our friends Dan and Emily from One Life Music. Dan and Emily have visited us at St. Anne's on many occasions and have shared prayers and songs with the children and staff in a very uplifting and spiritual way. This link is a lovely opportunity to come together as a family in prayer and song).



Joe Wicks - live P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am.

Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!