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Monday 1st June

Good morning and welcome to the second half of the summer term! I hope you all enjoyed the glorious sunshine last week, had a well deserved rest and are ready to tackle the last half term. Today some of your brothers and sisters may be back at school, as I will be, and I know many of you can't wait to see your friends but please remember that things are improving and (fingers crossed) it won't be long until we can all be together again. Continue to take care of yourselves, keep smiling and enjoy this lovely weather. I will still be posting activities online each day until we are all back at school. As always, email me if you need any help (or just to say hello) and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I hope to see you all soon, Mrs Ward smiley



Use the PowerPoint to discover your new spelling words, all ending in the suffix –al, and play the hangman game to practise these. I have added the new spellings list for summer term 2 to the class web page if you want to see what's coming up next. Please choose whether you would like to complete the crossword or word search activity linking with your spellings.



This week we will continue to complete our unit of 'Time'. Today we will be learning how to find the duration, this means how long something lasts from beginning to end. E.g. the duration of the film was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Please complete the worksheet below. Remember there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. If you are a little stuck on time, go back and have a practise on the games from the previous weeks. 



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


RE - Miss Ridge and I would like you to read the PowerPoint, identifying how the gift of the Holy Spirit changed the lives of the apostles. There is also a link in the PowerPoint to a video animation of the story.

Task 1 – Use the worksheet to write words and phrases to show what the disciples were like before and after receiving the gift of the holy spirit.

Task 2 – Write a letter to a friend to explain what has happened before, during and after Pentecost.