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Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning Nursery!

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend.

With half-term approaching, this week we will be finishing off our exploration of mini beasts.  You have all made us so proud with your wonderful work this half term and we really appreciate your continued love and support.  We will be getting in touch with you all this week so you can ask any questions you might have about school reopening on the 1st June.  If in the meantime you have any queries please email on the nursery email.

Have a great week, the sun is going to be shining lots, so make sure you get out in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air. smiley

Lots of Love

Mrs Little and Miss Cummins



Remember to start your day with our morning prayer and then finish with our end of the day prayer. As we are approaching Pentecost at the end of May, think about the words that you say when you are making the Sign of the Cross.  We will be learning bit more about this later on in the week.


Show the children the video attached “Collecting Insects and bugs” Everything’s Rosie.

Then ask your child what their favourite minibeast is to extend more able ask for a reason why they chose that e.g.  my favourite minibeast is a spider because they can spin webs.  Can the children draw/paint a picture of their favourite minibeast and then their grown up to scribe the sentence underneath the picture. See if the children can identify the initial sound of the minibeast they have chose.  Can they have a go at writing this initial sound, if not grown up to model how to write the sound and children to copy.


To start off with there is counting to 20 warm up song for you to have a practise and get your counting skill going. Then there is   and "Eye Spy" activity is to reinforce both knowledge of initial sounds and also incorporate practise of counting. Can your children say what sound the minibeast begins with? Can they also say how many they can find on the sheet?


We have been looking at different mini beasts over this half term and we thought to finish off with our exploration of mini beasts we could have a little look at snails.  There is a power point about slug and snails attached underneath.  Have a look at this and then with a grown up see if you can identify the different parts of a snail.  You might need your grown up to help you with the words and you'll ned your scissors and glue!  Remember to be careful when you are cutting out heart


Snail Parts Activity Sheet