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Monday 18th May

Good Morning! With half-term next week, for many of us this may well prove to be the last week of home schooling - congratulations for making it this far! It was lovely to speak to lots of you last week and we'll be doing the same this week, so you can ask any questions you might have about school reopening (or anything else!) then, or by dropping us an email as always. I know from speaking to a few of you that printing is an expensive, annoying and in some cases impossible task, so I've tried to make as many activities printer-free this week as possible - hope this makes up for setting so many messy activities last week, paper mâché is a year 1 prerequisite wink Have a great week, Mr F smiley


Writing - a Superhero / Supervillain's Day Off

With us all being trapped at home right now, it can be quite tricky to think of things to do, can't it? One thing we can do to help us think of things to do on our days off is to create a to-do list of all the things that we're going to do that day.

For example, mine would look like:

1. Wake up

2. Get out of bed two hours later

3. Get distracted by Holly on This Morning (Ruth to a lesser extent, but I'd by lying if I said there wasn't a certain appeal)

4. Have a shower while listening to Elton John: Greatest Hits

5. Eat everything I can find in the house

6. Regret nothing

But that's boring and writing should be exciting! So, your challenge today is to write a to-do list for a Superhero or Supervillain's day off! Here's a little video to give you a few ideas smiley



Choose one of your favourite books and read it with your parents - they can read to you or you can read to them, you choose! Remember to ask and answer lots of questions to make sure you understand what you are reading!


Maths - Money - Recognising Coins

As I know we've had lots of visits from the Tooth Fairy in the last few weeks, I think this week is a good opportunity to learn about money, focusing on recognising and knowing the value of different coins and notes!


Today, we are going to learn to recognise and know the value of all the different UK coins! Challenge: How many different coins can you think of already?


I have linked you to a video that explains the different UK coins and their values (presented by a woman who sounds like she's had enough of home schooling like everyone else) for you to watch before starting your activities.

It would be a great idea to let your child see the real coins to look at the different colours and sizes - can they see any clues to help them know which coin is which? We can also introduce the children to the value of coins at this point - can they work out how many 1ps would make 2p? 5p? 10? £1?


Then, I would like you to have a go at the linked game. Have a go at the different sorting and ordering games - we will do counting later in the week!



I know we’ve all been missing each other lots over the last few weeks and I’m so excited to see lots of you after half-term!

I thought it would be a nice idea to give you all a chance to send a message to your friends - this could be a picture (you might be holding a sign if you would like to, it might be just you with a big smile on your face or anything else you would like) or it might be a short video!

I’d like as many of you as possible to do this and email it to me by the end of the week please - I’ll make a treat for you all for over the weekend!



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!