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Monday 18th May

Hello and welcome to another week of home learning! Thank you for all of the photographs and work handed in last week, I've been really impressed with everything. I have loved seeing the extra things you have been up to at home as well - I think we have some future chefs, artists, authors and scientists on our hands (to name a few). Keep going Year 3, you are doing amazingly! Also, you can look forward to half term next week smiley



Super work on your spellings last week - I saw some great scores on Friday! Use the PowerPoint to discover your new spelling words. They all come from the root words ‘scop’ and ‘spect’. I would like you to practise your continuous cursive handwriting using the worksheet of your new spellings. Remember to start from the line and show your ascenders and descenders (tall and long letters). There is also a word search to help you practise your spellings further. For an extra challenge, can you put these words in your own sentences?



We are continuing to learn how to read the time this week. Last week we focused on reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes but now we are moving on to the nearest minute. First watch the video and look at the examples, then pause and see if you can do the last 2 questions. Next, have another go at the 'Telling the Time' game - working up to level 5! Also, I have attached some time cards, can you match the analogue clock to the correct words to describe the time?



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


RE - Miss Ridge and I were really impressed with the religious artwork we received last week. This week we would like you to continue your creative flair. First, read the PowerPoint to learn about how the Church celebrates the presence of the Risen Christ at the Eucharist. Then make your own chalice (the container for the wine) and host (the bread wafer used at communion), which shows the belief that Jesus is present in Holy Communion. You can use the idea on the PowerPoint and print the templates or you could come up with your own creative idea if you prefer. We are very excited to see your work!