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Monday 15th June

Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I will be teaching some children in Year 6 this week so apologies in advance if I am a little slow at replying to emails. Have a great day smiley



Read the PowerPoint to discover this week’s spelling words. Once again they all end with the same suffix but have a different spelling, can you spot the pattern? First I would like you to complete the handwriting sheet practising these spellings, remember to use your beautiful joined writing and check spellings carefully. Then choose either the word search or the coordinate’s game (if you have a family member to play against).



So far we have looked at horizontal and vertical lines, today we are looking at parallel and perpendicular lines. Check out the link below for a video and online activity and then complete the worksheet below.


Check out a Live Joe Wicks PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


Geography - Did you know that there are different types of volcanoes? Use the PowerPoint to learn about 3 different types of volcanoes; Shield, Composite and Cinder Cone. Then see if you can make a ‘Types of Volcanoes Fan Book’. You can use the template to cut, stick and match the correct picture/facts/name or if you're feeling a little more creative then you could draw your own pictures and/or write your own facts.